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Oxygen Release Emulsifier - Envirex

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  • Oxygen Release Emulsifier - Envirex

    I have been looking at this stuff and it looks like a good product that I will try. It seems to do the same thing as Element 8, was wanting to try that too. Both are made by the same company?? I was wondering what the difference is between the two products?

    Another question, do you carry the other Envirex products? I looked all over your site and couldn't find them. I wanted to try out the Envirex pre spray and solvent spotter as well.

    BTW anyone using these products? Please Tell me how you like them.

    Thank you!

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    We do sell the complete line of Envirex chemicals from ProChoice CTI. Our web site currently has about 6000 items on it but we sell over 60,000 items. So there is a 90% probability that what you are looking for is not on line. We are always looking to hire more people to resolve this issue. Baby Safe is similar/samce to Element 8, Soap Free, Proceon and a few others. These contain oxidizer additives to make these work. The Envirex Oxygen release emulsifier is Baby Safe relabeled. Same stuff, new label. It will no longer be marketed under the old labels.