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  • procyon

    currently i use procyon for just about everything and am pleased witht the results. there are jobs i come across that need that something extra. what do you suggest? do i need to use a rinse to neutralize it afterwards? what about for quarry or ceramic tile? such as in a home's bathroom or in gas station store areas? thanks

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    Procyon VS Soap Free

    Our Procyon is called Soap Free and is located at
    Be sure to compare our lower prices.
    Our most popular booster is call Kryptonite
    This neutral pH products is safe to use on all surfaces.
    You will find this one-two punch of Soap Free and Kryptonite can also be used to clean tile floors as well as carpet and upholstery. It is always recommended to rinse the fabric with a small amount of Flush Rinse Aid (1/2 oz per gallon in a portable or one cup in 5 gallons slurry for truckmount) Be sure to not inject/mix your Flush in the machine while you are prespraying if you are using an injection sprayer/HydroForce/Cobra Sprayer. This will neutralize the pre-spray. Only add Flush to the portable or turn on the slurry after you are finished with pre-spraying your project.
    and any remaining spots be removed with Dry Cleaner and re-rinsed.


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      Both of these soap free products are great. We use them on a daily basis and get great results.
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        I second Soap Free. It is cheaper than Procyon and works better IMO. You do not need to rinse it, I prespray it and meter it.
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