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    I'm going to start a carpet cleaning business as an add-on to my already successful window cleaning business. I've decided to purchase the Steambrite 13hp pro start truck mount system because the carpet cleaning will probably only be part time. My question is this: What would be a good general array of carpet cleaning and spot removal chemicals will I need to have in order to get started. What do I need that will cover most of the situations that I might run into during a carpet cleaning job etc?

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    carpet cleaning chemicals

    We have three different chemical kits to get you up and running:
    Sometimes customer hire a carpet cleaner because the carpet is dirty and we have a cleaning kit. Part number ChemStart.
    Shazaam Carpet Cleaning Start Up Chemical Package, ChemStart, Auto Detailing, Chemicals, by Shazaam, Our best selling carpet cleaning start up package.  This includes everything you will need to cleans all types of carpet and remove most stains an...

    Sometimes customer have odor problems, so we have an odor start up kit. Part number SMBodor.
    Sometimes customers have stains, so we have a start up kit for this too. Stains would refer to marks in the carpet that will not respond to any amount of cleaning. Stains like ink, blood, rust, KoolAid, dye stains, wine, coffee, tea, grass, yellow urea (urine), mustard. Part number SBMSpotters.


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      There are many chemical available for carpet cleaning you can choose any product. You can also use natural prodcuts for cleaning like vinegar, hot water and lime juice etc.. But before choose a product be sure that it should not harmful in health matter.


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        Certified Green Carpet Cleaning Products

        We have a list of EPA certified Green products at
        Green Chemicals, Chemicals, Shazaam Soap Free - 7Lb Jar, Pros Choice Oxygen Release Emulsifier - Envirex - 1 Jar, ProsChoice CTI EnvireX Defender 6430C Case 4 1 gallons, TriPlex Technical Services GO CLEAN Hard Surface Cleaner 1 Gallon, TriPlex Technic...