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dynaforce concentrated carpet cleaning detergent

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  • dynaforce concentrated carpet cleaning detergent

    I tried the dynaforce concentrated carpet cleaning detergent, this is what I did, I use a mytee M5 portable--I mixed the dynaForce using just hot tap water which was 140 degree out of the faucet, ( i did test it with thermometer)- put it in my solution tank--hooked up my rotovac 360i with carpet brush head and applied to carpet withOUT the vacs turned on, worked it into the carpet of one room, when done with that room i turned on the vacs and just went back and extracted it still using the carpet brush head, the result was extremly good I must say, now that was just a scrap piece of carpet so that is as far as I went, if it had been an actual customers carpet I most likely would have added a rinse to my solution tank,hooked up my regular wand and give it a quick rinse which i'm sure would help clean it even a little more, bring the Ph level back down some and have a nice clean residue free carpet--keep in mind I did not use a pre spray at all-- the soil level of the carpet on a scale of 1 to 10 in my opinion was about a 6.
    Feel free to draw your own conclusion--here is mine--No high heat (water was only 140 when put into solution tank and even less than that by the time it hit the carpet, i'll go on the low side and say it was about 100 degree hitting the carpet, a 40 degree drop in temp) Great agitation using the 360i with carpet brush head and carpet came out great-looked new again. So is high heat really nessesary? I don't think so if you have really good agitation which will more than compensate for lack of high heat-- As far as chems go--I think any halfway decent chem used with at least 100 degree or above water (when hitting the carpet) along with good to very good agitation will get the job done most of the time--I think good agitation is a little more important than high heat, don't get me wrong you still need heat, we all know heat will always work better than no heat at all, just saying you don't need to be hitting the carpet with 200 plus degree water to do a good job