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Quality carpet cleaning prespray option.

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  • Quality carpet cleaning prespray option.

    Questions: Hey Donald.
    I am still waiting for your reply.
    I have chosen what equipment I want, and will need a shipping quotation from you, but I am still unsure of which chemicals I should get, and also the amount of chemicals. I want to get about 4-6 months worth of chemicals for my first shipment, what quantity would u recommend.
    I have some questions about chemicals
    What is your opinion of the Master blend line in cleaning chemicals? are they very effective in cleaning?Also it says on the description for the anti allergen relief treatment 1 gallon can clean 2,000 sq ft. But for the anti allergen pre spray it does not state anything, How many sq ft can 1 gallon of concentrated master blend: anti allergen pre spray clean? What is the average sq ft. per 1 concentrated gallon for other chemicals? What would you recommend for a very strong and effective prespray that is safe for carpets, highly concentrated to clean the most sq ft and not too expensive?
    I am also interested in Claires Heavy duty pre spray, does steam-brite supply chemicals from Claires? Thank you Chinapat

    Answers: We do like MasterBlend chemicals and have received lots of comments from customers that like their products. The MasterBlend Anti Allergen prespray is a 10-1 chemical or 12oz per gallon. Usually a gallon of prespray on most home carpets will pre-treat about 500 to 1000 sq ft of carpet depending on the level of soil. So this gallon will give you an average of a 10,000 sq ft of carpet to clean. The prespray of most chemicals are one to 4 oz per gallon and also pre-treat 500 to 1000 sq ft. We have lots of great selling presprays. The EZ Super Gold is liked by everybody and one once per gallon is what most people use. We do not sell Claires but do offer a similar products called Kryponite.
    This ultra concentrated product is used to removed spots that regular carpet cleaning will not remove and can be used as an additive to your regular prespray to boost your cleaning performance.
    I cleaned my 2000 sq ft of carpet in my home the other day with 2 oz of Kryptonite and 2 oz of EZ Super Gold and 2 gallon of water.
    The cost was $.71 to clean the entire home for both products.