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  • Upholstery cleaning chemicals

    Dear Mr. Donald
    Do you sell chemicals for carpet and upholstery cleaning. If so i too want to buy them.
    Pls do advice me on the best chemical to buy.

    Answer: I have put together my favorite chemicals in some start up packages. Each package can be seen at
    You can purchase every item on the web page or individually purchase them by click on the included packages.
    Please note the Shazaam Carpet cleaning start up package will also clean furniture. The Kryponite is a neutral pH product and the Dry Cleaner has no pH. The Flush can still be used for upholstery rinsing and the Powerhouse is used for spotting. This is the same chemicals used for carpet cleaning but the order in which you use the chemicals is different. For more information about upholstery cleaning please watch our 1-1/2 hour training DVD on upholstery cleaning.
    -Training DVD 3 Upholstery, SBMdvdUph, Training Books & Videos, by Steambrite MFG, Upholstery Cleaning Class I This DVD is 1-1 2 hours long and covers Upholstery cleaning Fiber types Fiber identification Cleaning terms Cleaning Methods Chemistry Ho...

    Mr. Donald
    You see it does not have to be pilot Air either for the transportation.
    Dont you have any other forwarder, in your area which can handle the goods without to much process beside fedex and dhl.
    About the chemical i choose the Shazaam dry cleaning, flush aide and kryptonite.
    What do you say about it, Is it good enough to start the cleaning for carpet and upholstery.
    About the wand how many do i get including for the upholstery wand.

    Answer: We ship with multiple international carriers. Please supply me with you quote number so I can check on some other shipping options.
    The type of water pressure you clean at dictates the style of upholstery wand you use.

    I will need to see they type of machine and or the webpage to see if an upholstery tool is included. The webpage that each machine is parked on will clarify this for us.
    The chemical start up package will allow you to clean both carpets and upholstery. This does not include stains or odors. Those packages are listed in the first link above.
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    Upholstery cleaning chemicals

    will the trimmers repair the frame as well, or do they just do the upholstery?


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      i don't know that, but my question is, What do you mean by trimmers??
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