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    Question: Donald,
    Want to pick your brain on this subject. I bought my new extractor (Cross-American) from you. What are your thoughts about running an acid rinse through the pumps? Personally I use Matrix All Fiber Rinse, which contains Surfactants, Citric Acid and Sodium Citrate. Could these ingredients possibly damage the machine?

    Answer: Using a rinse aid is better for the machine and better for you heater. It will improve the softness (or hand) of the carpet once dry. I can shorten the dry time, and help prevent wicking or capillary action of dirt left in the backing. This will also help descale the heater. This is the most important part. I had a customer hear in San Antonio, TX that used his heater for only 6 months with out using an rinse aid and the minerals in the water lined the inside of the walls of the coils to the point that water would no longer pass through the heater. We call this a heater hart attach. Once this happens you can no longer run any descaler in the heater and you have to replace the coil.

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