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  • Fabric Protection options

    question: Hi. Im searching the best option of carpet and upholstry protector.
    Few time ago I stared a cleaning bussines and I need to found a confidence product to offer to my residential and comercial costumers.
    Wish could be a better option between quality, coverage area and cost?
    I was looking the Protection Plus, but I recipt suggest.
    Please, let me know if I would need an specificly tool to apply the recomended products.
    Im in Hidalgo Tx. 78557

    ANSWER: We have 9 different fabric protection products.
    the three most popular are:



    The stain Guardian products is the least expensive per sq foot on the carpet, put cost the most in the gallon on concentrate.

    In the long run the stain guardian would save you the most money, but I have customers tell me that the Teflon product is the easiest to sell to the cusotmer because they just take the bottle into the job site and show the customer the bottle.