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  • Hydro Force Inline Sprayer

    I have come accross a Hydro -Force Inline sprayer with a grey tip 1:5 ??? the tip on the end of the Lance says 6506 can anyone give me more info on this woud this be set up for a TM??? as on the Hydro -Force chart it only mentions the grey tip at 400psi ??? any info would be helpfull.

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    AS08 injection sprayer

    I am not sure I understand the question. The injections sprayer are designed to only work at the end of the solution hose and not as a replacement chemical injections system for a truck mount. The 06 tip is required to not build back pressure on the jet. This is referred to as a down stream injector (as opposed to an 'Up Stream' Injector that is before the pump). The water pressure passing over the injector orifice with a large jet is what causes the chemical draw. The injection sprayer will have a yellow metering tip that make the sprayer inject at 1 to 8 while without the yellow suction tip installed the sprayer sprays at 1 to 4 ratio.

    Example of down stream injector

    example of up stream injector


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      Hydro -force

      Sorry My question was al little misleading,inside my sprayer at the top of the suction hose there is a grey tip which can be changed for different colour tip to change dilution rates as I am led to beleive that would make it 1:5 GREY , My unit did not come with a yellow dilution tip, on the lance the spry jet is a 06 is this normal for one of the inline sprayer,