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How to clean statues

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  • How to clean statues

    Question: İstanbul is a very historic city from very old Roman times and there are statues that are dirty and got dark in time and there are alot of demand for their cleaning we were wondering if we can steam clean those statues and is there a special tool fort that? Water can be run off. Regards

    I would start by using a spray gun kit.
    Clean Storm Turbo Lance Spray Gun For Pressure Washing Starter Kit with filter and extra jets

    You would use a low pressure lance system. The nozzle kit comes with different angle spray patterns. You want to find the angle spray, pressure of spray, and distance that achieves the cleaning goal without being to harsh.
    Prespray with environmental prespray
    TriPlex Technical Services GC-GreenPack TriPlex Technical Services: Go Clean GREEN Starter pack of Chemicals (Green Guard / Green Prespray / 2x Rinse / Spot Remover)

    Agitate with soft horse hair brush
    Clean Storm AB08 Horse Hair Brush with Comfort Grip Handle

    Rinse with 1000 psi with a 40 degree spray and 1/3 meter distance to start.
    Adjust pressure, spray angle, and tip distance to increase or decrease results.