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What is high flow extraction carpet cleaning? How is this different?

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  • What is high flow extraction carpet cleaning? How is this different?

    Question: What is high flow extraction carpet cleaning? How is this different than regular carpet cleaning?

    Answer: High flow extraction is a low pressure high gallon per minute (gpm) flushing while traditional carpet cleaning is performed at high pressure low gpm.
    Usually high flow is performed at building pressure or at about 75 pounds per square inch (psi) using large jetted orifices. Traditional professional carpet cleaning is performed at 500 psi at under 1 gpm (small orifices). Example a regular dual jet 12 inch wide wand cleaning at 500 psi would have 110015 jets installed in it. These jets clean at 110 degrees and the orifices is 015. In high flow extraction, these jets would be changed out to 060 or 080 jets. This would be 4+ times the flow rate but under 1/5 the psi. For most cleaners having a high flow extraction conversion kit is used only as a back up to whenever their high pressure pump breaks. These kits are cheap and do not take up any room in the service truck. Example visit
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    These examples do not need a pressure pump rather just building pressure. Notice with the Trex wand it already has a lot of jets under the hood. Even when you use this wand with a traditional 500 psi 1 gallon per minute suction feed extraction machine, the carpet cleaning machine will not be able to keep up with the tool. Example when not squeezing the trigger the pressure guage will read 500 psi but as soon as you squeeze the trigger the pressure will drop to 100 psi. You would have to plug up some of the jets or convert the suction feed machine to pressure feed to help the extractor to keep up with the flow demand.
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    A secondary benefit to high flow cleaning is the water temperature. Pressure feed systems clean about 10 degrees hotter than suction feed systems.
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    What clean better? High flow, low psi OR low flow, high psi?
    They both work well! The higher pressure seems to let you clean/rinse faster but both provide great results as long as you include all parts of the cleaning pie (chemical action, agitation, heat, dell time.)