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Keeping a small truckmount water hot for tile cleaning

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  • Keeping a small truckmount water hot for tile cleaning

    Question: What is the advantage of hooking a smaller horse power gasoline truckmount to the customers hot water supply?
    Example the 1633 model

    Answer: The advantage to hooking up to hot water is realized when you are performing tile and grout cleaning and pressure washing.
    An engine of this size can heat cold water for carpet and upholstery cleaning fine but during high flow rates the temperature will fall off.
    By hooking to hot water will ensure you will have hot water during these ultra high flow applications.
    Normal hot water in a home is about 110 degree F while the normal cold water is 65 degrees F. The extra 45 degree is huge.
    You cannot use a traditional garden hose for this, rather needs to be a hot water rated hose. Depending on the size of the truckmount you will have to adjust the size of the garden hose inside diameter.
    For a small truckmount you can use 3/8" ID hose and for dual wand machines you will need atleast 1/2" ID hose.
    Is is also important to install a 90 degree turn at the female swivel end to help assist with getting the hose out of the sink without a kink.