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    Looking for info on pile lifters. How much better do they do than a good commercial vacuum with a stiff brush? How are they on commercial carpet?
    Are they worth the money? What's the difference between the vegetable brush and nylon brush
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    pile lifter VS commercial vacuum cleaner

    That is a hard one to answer.
    Pile lifters have a much larger vacuum motor than vacuum cleaners, they have a much larger brush motor than vacuum cleaners.
    But, they make me tired. They want to pull you along as you clean and do take a lot of energy in small areas. In larger open areas, it would be preferred. In summary, I would say that the advantages are best if used in a commercial environment.


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      personally, i feel pile lifters are for the commercial arena only. although they have larger vac/brush roll motors, suprisingly, they do not vacuum very well.
      waste of time for residential cleaning. in short, very expensive and over rated!
      look into what i call the "poor mans pile lifter", the hoover conquest. 14" model for residential, 18" for smaller commercial, or the 28" for wide open commercial. the 28" model is 2-14" machines in tandem.
      these machines utilize an "auger" brush roll and lift carpet fiber better then any other vacuum i've ever used. they do a great job at vacuuming also!

      hope this helps