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Is it OK to leave my auto detail extractor on when I am not using it?

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  • Is it OK to leave my auto detail extractor on when I am not using it?

    Question: I purchased from you a clean storm 6-2300-h, can i leave the heater on during working hours to keep the water hot? or does it heat the water as you use it? also i have a 30 amp breaker can i plug both cords into that ? thanks

    Answer: The heater holds about a quart of water in it and is located under the hood of the extractor. It does not heat the water in the fresh tank. The flow of water is fresh tank > pressure pump > Heater > Hose > Cleaning tool > surface area to be cleaned. If I quit cleaning the 32 oz of water will reach 210 degrees and turn itself off. Once I pick up the wand and start cleaning again, and the tank drops to 190 degrees the heater will turn itself back on again in an effort to maintain what ever it can provide in temperature rise based on the flow rate through the heater.
    A photo of the heater is located at
    I personally would not leave the machine on if I was not using it. Please note it only takes about 2 minutes to heat the water in the mini heater tank. I would think by leaving the heater on would shorten the life of the switch, heating rods, and connection hoses. Let take for an example if the life expectancy of a heating rod is 5000 hours, I would want my use hours being spent cleaning and not just standing by idle.
    It would be possible to plug both cords into a 30 amp 120 volt breaker but please note most 30 amp breakers are 240 volts, so please confirm the voltage before you do this.

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