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Why does a shorter dwell time work on Uph?

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  • Why does a shorter dwell time work on Uph?

    lv'e often found Donald is the chemical work best instantly which deflys the logic of the 3 Ts especiall on upholstery. l often found all the prespray you like and s/clean the fabric with not much result then spray on rub in and s/clean again quickly you get a better result
    catch you

    Synthetic fabrics absorb solvents.
    Natural fabrics absorb water.
    Upholstery is usually made with both natural and synthetic fibers.
    The dirt on most fibers is sitting on the outside if the filaments.
    When you get a natural fiber wet, it dissolves the dirt and then the dirt is carried inside of the fiber where it is harder to get out.
    Prevacuum dry first.
    Always pre-spray formulated dry cleaner on the upholstery first before you clean or rinse of with your neutral pH cleaner. (small sections at a time) This way the dirt is primed for floating off the fiber before it is soaked in.
    (Hint) Dry cleaner does not dissolve sugar or salt based spots and stains.
    (Test) Drop a sugar cube in a glass of dry cleaner and see how long it takes to dissolve.