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  • Bonnet Cleaning

    I have heard from a few people several differents ways to clean a carpet with a bonnet/rotary machine. I was wondering if anyone will let me know their methods?


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    Bonnet method is my preferred choice because of it's low cost, high performance and quick drying time. Don't get me wrong, a good steam cleaning is sometimes required on some neglected carpets but for general maintinance and some restoration it is ideal especially with cleanings of more than once or twice a year.

    The first thing you want to do is vacuum the carpets thoroughly otherwise you can create mud. Then get a citrus based cleaner like citrosol and pretreat the carpets. Use a pure protein enzyme to spot heavier spots and the citrosol will take care of some of the normal spots. Go over the room at least twice, flipping the bonnet over. Most carpets will only need a once or twice over if they are kept in good condition. My philosophy is the cleaning method is only as good as the technician regardless of whether it is dry foam, steam, or bonnet cleaning.

    After the cleaning use a carpet rake to groom the carpets for that final touch.


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      Methods of carpet cleaning you should offer

      I always liked being able to offer several different methods so I could tailor my cleaning to the needs of the customer.
      Some customers are very anti steam cleaning, other are anti shampoo, and others are anit spin bonnet.
      When a customer ask you how much you charge for carpet cleaning you can respond with "which method of cleaning do you want a quote on?" The customer is not going to know how to answer the question so they will have you recommend a method. You can offer the advantages and disadvantages of each method to the customer and then you become the expert. You will find that most cleaners will not help their customers to this level and you will be able to tell your customers that other cleaners only recommend one method of cleaning because that is all the equipment that they own and they have to try to steer you in that direction whether that is the best method or not. But because you offer all the methods you can offer the best level of service for their needs. Very little extra equipment is needed for offering a larger array of methods. All you need: Hot water extraction unit, floor buffer with attachments, air movers, chemicals, vacuum cleaner.
      You will be able to perform the following methods: Hot water extraction, shampoo, shampoo with a steam rinse, shampoo with a steam rinse and one hour dry time, spin bonnet, absorbent powder, dry foam (crystal technology)


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        OP Carpet Cleaning


        I'm starting a carpet cleaning using an OP machine. I have been practicing on some carpet squares: Frize, Shag, Cut pile and Loop, and Berber. It seemed I distorted the fibers using a cotton bonnet. The Berber was the only square that didn't appear damaged.

        Amy suggestions on how to use the OP with pad or brush witrhout causing damage would be appreciated.

        Also, any suggestions on how to remove mustard and red wine stains?




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          bonnet cleaning and organic stain removal help

          Anytime you are using a bonnet, you want to make sure the floor is well lubercated with your cleaner. You also do not want to keep the floor machine in the same sq ft very long. Keep moving the machine over the carpet. When finished, you can groom the twisted filament fibers with a carpet rake or grandi groomer.
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          Both mustard and wine stains can be removed with the use of Dynamic Duo
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            I have a method. It involves spraying a detergent solution onto the carpet pile. The solution should be applied in sufficient quantities to saturate the fibers. Using more solution may extend drying time but extra detergent may be necessary to attain the desired results.


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              OP Method

              There are several different methods of cleaning with an Oscillating Pad machine. My method is more time consuming but the results, IMO and my customers, are nothing short of outstanding. I do a very thorough and deliberate vacuum. Even if the customer has already vacuumed, I will do my own vacuuming. I pre treat the carpet with my cleaning product (I use Vacaway products) let it dwell for about 10-15 minutes. I scrub in the product using the white with green stripe pad. Some dirt transfers to this pad. My next step is Using a cotton white pad that has been soaked in cleaning solution, wringing out the excess moisture I padcap the carpet, removing the soil and stains from the carpet, flipping the pad once unless the carpet is extremely trashed then I use only one side. I follow this up with a dry cotton pad to remove any excess moisture. I will usually set an air mover to further the drying process if needed. Another vacuum (quick) and groom with my Grandi Groomer. Some may say this is overkill, but I charge accordingly and I never get called back because something wicked back or what have you. My customers feel that they are getting the best bang for their buck. Hope this helps you.


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                Using of the bonnet cleaning method are: low equipment cost, rapid drying (usually dry in 30 minutes), very rapid cleaning (because you’re only cleaning the surface), less wicking, lower investment and the ability to charge less because it’s quicker. Though Vacuum frequently and thoroughly. Most of the wear of carpeting is caused by dirt. Oily soils attract more oily soil and frequent vacuuming will reduce soil buildup.
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