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Color transferred from a furniture item to the carpet (How to?)

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  • Color transferred from a furniture item to the carpet (How to?)

    Recently ran into a situation where there was a water leak unknown to the home owners, which caused an area of their carpet to become saturated underneath a furniture item. The furniture item was black. The color from the item was transferred to the carpet, leaving a large black stain. Pre-spray, degreaser, nor dry cleaner would remove the stain. What is the appropriate course of action for removing a stain of this sort? Thanks in advance for your insight and comments.

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    aggressive stain removal needed

    The first product to try is Dynamic Duo. This is a two part product that you would want to apply and cover with plastic for 24 hours. After 24 hours re-rinse, and possibly re-apply
    Shazaam Dynamic Duo - Half Gallon Set, SBM107, Spotters & Red Stain Removal, Chemicals, by Shazaam, Dynamic Duo - Half Gallon Set Use Dynamic Duo only as a last resort when regular cleaning cannot remove your organic based stains grass, blood, wine...

    Cti makes a UV activation stain removal system that makes the Dynamic Duo reaction happen faster.
    Pros Choice DCI Light, 4100, Meters and Lights, Parts & Accessories, by ProsChoice, DCI Light Pro&rsquo s Choice &ldquo DCI Light&rdquo Detection, Chemical Activation, & Inspection . This light comes with 3 separate tubes to accompl...

    This uses the same frequency as a tanning bed. I saw this light turn yellow mustard and dynamic duo turn clear in 3 hours.
    If the furniture has dye or pigment in the finish, you might also try using Red Relief but you need to aggressively rinse the Dynamic Duo out before you switch chemicals.
    Red Relief is good for dye stains like varnish and Kool-aid.
    Pros Choice Red Relief Single Quart Set , C3010, Spotters & Red Stain Removal, Chemicals, by ProsChoice, RED RELIEF Description Red Relief is chemistry that removes food dye stains by chemically altering their color to make them invisible. Dilution...


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      Appreciate response and information

      Thank you Donald! I want to be better equipped to handle similar situations that arise in the future. You've been most helpful.