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Clean in reverse for wicking prvention

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  • Clean in reverse for wicking prvention

    Cleaning in reverse for prevention of wicking carpets on direct glue down Olefin carpets.
    Slurry rinse aid like Flush in rinse water using the hottest water possible with truck-mount extraction. No prespay to be used. Clean using the straight back and forward dry stroke for quickest dry time (no triangle strokes with a double back dry stroke).
    Only on areas where the carpet needs additional cleaning, post apply anti resoil bonnet cleaner (like Crystal Spin) on clean bonnet and carpet in small areas. Spin bonnets on carpet with floor machine and bonnet driver (dirt napper drivers work the best). Rotate bonnets and replace bonnets as bonnets become soiled. (if you run out of bonnets on the job, clean bonnets in bucket ringer)
    Blow dry with air movers and run the A/C harder than normal (you do not offer any guarantees without the use of A/C). Air movers need to follow extraction ASAP. Use a minimum of 4 air movers for each person stroking with an extraction machine.
    Only if the carpet still has some remaining traffic areas, post apply degreaser with an enzyme like Kryptonite and Powerhouse and re-rinse and extract with the water/ rinse aid. Blow dry with air mover and A/C (set heater on only if super cold outside).
    For added extra protection, post apply Shazaam Crystal Guard Anti wicking agent.
    Shazaam Crystal Guard Encapsulating Protectant - 1 Gallon, SBM196, Carpet Protectants, Carpet Care, Chemicals, by Shazaam,   Crystal Guard is a cutting edge encapsulation product that contains anti-stain, anti-resoiling properties that neutralize ...
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