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    Wall to wall carpets Light beige (about the same as a light Yellow Lab)
    A.Berber 100% Nylon Dupont Tacteese
    B.Textured Cutpile Wear dated Durasoft Nylon w/ Scotchgard Advance Repel
    Both are Karastan.
    I just got my Mytee Lyte ll w/ a Samco wand from Steam Brite.
    I did some areas tonight that had some streaking issues from my Bissell consumer cleaner. I'm waiting for them to dry but they look a whole bunch better already.
    Not having used an extractor I figured I would just use water.
    The first thing I learned was DON'T hold the brass connector on the feed hose when you start spraying. Use expalitive of choice. The second thing I learned is DON'T grab anything metal associated with the feed tube. GEEZE I put on gloves.
    1. So I got a lifetime supply of Ambush , Flush rinse aide, Kryptonite, and Ocean Breeze samples. I don't completely understand how to utilize these chemicals. Mix in a bucket tranfer to an indian pump and spray on or put in the machine and spray and vac?
    2. What is the right way to clean? Spray on the out stroke - Vac on the return stroke? Overlap the pass by how much? Press down or let the weight of the wand do the work? Is it better to do lots of passes or long slow passes?
    3. Good Results are the key. Since I figure it will take 2 cleanings and the machine will have paid for itself.
    Thanks for any input. If there is a good link to the subject that would be great.
    John O

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    Mixing you sample chemicals

    When you have the chemical you listed, I would use the pump up srpayer with hot water, small amount Kriptonite and a small amount of Ambush (one ounce per gallon of each). Spray on carpet and rinse off with hot water in the machine with a small amount of Flush and Ocean Breeze (one ounce per 5 gallons of each)

    For stroking the carpet visit


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      Totally Professional

      For Professional results; John O ; Talk to ken get a pretreating wand; mix chems or your choice in solution tank; Spray down COLD solution as needed in each area; it is better for spot treating; let dwell as per instructions; I am not familiar with those chems; but if you got em from steambrite I am sure they are great.

      After dwell time; fill solution tank with clean water; Turn on heater and extract using 2 wet swipes(holding trigger); 3 dry swipes(not holding trigger); I have been using this technique for 26 years; never fails; Make additional dry swipes to get carpet even drier.