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  • Speaking of PSI?

    I realized I was hijacking another thread where the author was asking about different portys.

    so I thought starting a new one with the appropriate tittle may be effective. I find many posts/threads on other boards are not 'cleaned up' well so the 'search' function can be useless. BTW: <B>It shows that the mods here take time to clean up threads so guys like me can find what I seek. For that; thank you. </B>

    Donald, you had made a point on that thread about psi. I had mentioned I use 100 psi and like it since I felt it helped leave carpet(s) dry.

    Then you wrote about a 450 psi and how it uses smaller jets. hence, faster and drier. You also have written on a couple different posts/threads about how you offered dry times of one hour. Herein where you captured my undivided attention.

    Can we chat further about these subjects?

    edit: I am very interested in your one-hour dry time special. did you then bring in air mover(s)? I LOVE this idea!

    I drive an 06 Dodge Dakota with camper shell. so space is an issue. Everything has to fit in such small cubical footage. so I lay my Mytee on the side. I cary an old ridgid air mover that must weigh 4 bazillion pounds so I have been eyballin the mytee trade winds or mini trade winds since they blow downward and are not very pricey when compared to others.

    I'd enjoy some dialog regarding all of this at your leisure Donald.
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    Dry Steam Cleaned carpets in one hour

    What dries faster, heavy prespray or light?
    What dries faster, stroke the carpet so you clean a 5' X 5' area and then go back and dry stoke the whole thing or rinse on the back stroke and immediately do a forward dry stroke?
    Does water Temp play a role in dry time?
    What about Hose Diameter?
    Does fiber type impact dry times?

    These test where run by me and here where the results:
    Heavier prespray dried faster (nylon carpet) Cleaner carpet dries faster than dirtier carpet.
    To do your dry stroke right away (straight back and straight back up). Do not clean small sections and then dry those sections (like the "V" cleaning method).
    Hotter water does dry carpet faster than cooler water. Consider purchasing a supplemental heating system. This can be Kerosene, Propane, Electric, heat exchanger, or a combination there of.
    Take your 2" hose all the way to about 10 to 15 ft from the wand. Reduce the 2" hose to 1.5" ID hose because this is like moving your waste tank to the first point of reduction. Increase you vacuum unit configuration. Either more inches of lift or more cubic feet per minute air flow, or both. Vacuum boosters do wanders.
    As soon as you finish rinsing each room, place an air mover (or two) in that room. Do not turn on ceiling fans until the carpet has been rinsed.
    Remove the humidity from the home by setting the A/C on 68 degrees with the Blower to the ON position before you start the clean. Tell the customer not to remove from this setting until the carpet is dry. In the winter time you would need to set the heater on 68 with the fan ON too.
    Set your portable in the bathroom with the exhaust fan ON to remove the humidity.
    Change spray jets to the 11001 size. Set pressure to clean at 350 to 400 psi. Use a formulated Flush Rinse Aid in the the rinse water. To dry a room in one hour, prespray and scrub and needed. Rinse with an immediate dry stroke on each stroke. Install air movers right away. Make sure your wand does not drip on the dry stroke. Usually you need enough air movers to dry about 3 rooms, because by the time you need equipment for the fourth room, the first one is dry. I would advertise that the carpet would be dry in one hour from the time I finished. If I did not think this was going to happen, I would dry bonnet the just rinsed carpet too while the air movers where running. I always had the customer verify that the carpet was going to be dry in one hour before I would leave the job.
    I charged 25% more for this optional service and 25% of my customer would purchase one hour dry time.
    If the customer wanted carpet protection, I would add 25% to the protection charge to because that would mean removing quite a bit more water from the home environment (with possibly even more air movers).
    Nylon carpet dry the fasted while polypropylene and wool dry the slowest.


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      Awesome post. Thanks.

      I have some changes to make.