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  • Charts and Chemical Usage

    Where is the Fiber and pH chart if avail on this forum?

    The available Pre-spray products are: Kryptonite, Soap Free, Powerhouse. Are these safe on ALL fabrics/carpets? (without having to check carpet type)

    Is the best spotter for Everything, Dry Cleaning solution?

    I did not understand the differences between alkaline and acid rinses?

    When do I add the cleaner into a portable? Would it not be better to just pre-spray it? Then just add rinse to portable. (So never add cleaner to portable is what I am saying).

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    carpet cleaning chemicals

    Kryponite is a neutral pH product and is safe for all fabrics. Soap Free and Powerhouse are alkaline with the use pH of 9. These would be safe on all synthetic fabrics. Powerhouse contains an enzyme so it should only be used as a pre-spray and not placed in the machine. No pH chart has been added to forum. The first spotter to use for everything is Dry Cleaner. Only if it does not work, then you move to rust remover, Dynamic Duo, Red Relief and other stain remover options.
    Alkaline rinse is used for nasty carpets. When the concern is to just get them clean. When you are not concerned about a soap residue. Major Restoration cleaning. Acid rinses is used for all other jobs. You would only eliminate prespray and just place alkaline cleaner in the machine with you are cleaning for speed. For example. If IHOP restaurant wanted you to clean their carpets every week. You know the carpet is going to be dirty tomorrow. Rinsing out the soap residue is a mute point. You are going to come back and re-clean the carpet next week.


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      What is the name of the alkaline rinse you stock?

      Can I use the glide brush with a crystallization agent? What crystallization agents do you carry?

      What is steambrite's equivalent for ProChoice "natural fiber"? Pre-spray appl? When to use?

      PS. I googled the fibre/pH chart and found several. Thanks anyway.


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        carpet cleaning supplies

        alkaline rinse in powder: Ambush
        Shazaam Ambush - 7 Pound, SBM115, Traffic Lane Cleaners Prespray, Carpet Care, Chemicals, by Shazaam, Description Great for synthetic upholstery, car interiors and mattress. Safe for stain resistant carpet. This formula is highly concentrated and can b...

        and in liquid: CleanBrite
        Shazaam CleanBrite Carpet Cleaner - 1 Gallon, SBM213, Traffic Lane Cleaners Prespray, Carpet Care, Chemicals, by Shazaam,   Description For normal maintenance and cleaning of stain resistant wool carpetting.  Formulated to remove maximum amou...

        The pros choice natural fiber cleaner
        CTi Pros Choice C1100 Natural Fiber Cleaner 6.25 lbs Jar 3140, C1100, Traffic Lane Cleaners Prespray, Carpet Care, Chemicals, by ProsChoice, CTi Pros Choice C1100 Natural Fiber Cleaner 6.25 lbs Jar 3140  Natural Fiber Cleaner is a powder that is d...

        is Steambrite's Natural fiber cleaner because they make it for us.
        To clean natural fibers, only used Natural fiber cleaner, Kryponite (pH 7) and Dry Cleaner. If you come across stains on natural fiber that do not respond to these three products, make sure you have a signed release to try anything else. You would use natural fiber product line on natural fibers that include: wool, cotton, silk, and rayon.

        We sell the pros choice crystal agent line: Brush N Bonnet, Crystal Soil Rinse, Anti Resoling Agent.
        We also make our own: Crystal Magic Encapsulate
        Shazaam Crystal Magic Encapsulate - 1Gal, SBM200, Bonnet and Encapsulation Cleaning, Carpet Care, Chemicals, by Shazaam,   Coverage 800-1000 square feet per diluted gallon 1 to 15 This low moisture carpet cleaner and spotter is formulated for inte...

        and our version of ARA is called Crystal Guard (same stuff but ours is sold in a concentrate)
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          Do I use crystal magic as a spotter? Doing a whole room with it seems an expensive alternative to steam. Can I use the glide brush or just comb it?


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            encap cleaning

            you need to agitate it in with a rotary floor machine using a glide brush, dirt napper brush, bonnet, or red pad.


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              Crystal Magic not recommended for entire rooms but rather as a spotter? Is it a dry clean method of cleaning carpet?

              I wondered if you have a pre-inspection/release form on this forum that I could copy with some adjustments.

              Carpet steam cleaning here (Beloit) is .20¢/sq ft (no furniture) to .25¢ (furniture to move), residential. What is it there?

              Is a good commercial rate 1/2 this, so .10¢?

              Have a good day.


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                encap carpet cleaning

                Crystal Magic is used to clean entire rooms. Primarily it is used on olefin fibers that are direct glue down installation. Crystal Magic is on type of carpet dry cleaning. The other types include: DriVapor Extraction, Dry Foam, Spin Bonnet, Adsorbent Powder. I believe you can other articles on this forum about these methods. Use the search box above to locate other articles.

                Sorry, No free forms.

                The rates are the same here.


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                  I practiced on a friend's carpet... cheap, nylon berber, commercial grade. I mistakenly added rinse to the machine before applying powerhouse/kryptonite thru a power spray so the acid and base mixed when it hit the carpet. But it still cleaned good. However, a fine white powder was left in some spots. Was this soap residue? Would it have cleaned better not mixing the two from the get go?

                  I really could use a sample pre-inspection form.

                  Does the kryptonite/powerhouse mixed in water expire after a certain time elapses?... I still have 1/2 gallon mixed up and I would hate to throw it out.
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                    white powder on top of my just cleaned carpet

                    You are correct, do not add rinse ad to machine until you are finished with injection sprayer and ready to rinse. Fine white powder is caused by the customer using "Love My Carpet" or some other sprinkle powdered carpet freshener on the carpet. When they use their vacuum cleaner to vacuum this up, the beater bar causes the fine dust to settle into the backing. Once you clean the carpet this powder wicks back up to the top. You can help stop this by using Royal Flush. This contains an anti wicking agent and resoling agent. To remove fine power, just re-rinse carpet with the Flush or Royal Flush and dry with air movers, dry bonnet or both. Slow drying also contributes to the wicking. PS, this is a chargeable service. Not your fault. I had a disclaimer on the back of the invoice that the customer signed that stated the cleaning results would not be guaranteed if they used such a product. The wicking back of any powdered substance would result in a re-cleaning and a recharging.


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                      Wow. I did not know that. What about the mixed Powerhouse/kryptonite within the prespray bottle. Is it still good to use?


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                        mixed carpet cleaning prespray

                        Do not throw away. To make fresh again, just make a little more and add to old product.


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                          Hi. I'm finding carpet that does not dissolve in muriatic acid or bleach. It's synthetic but what?

                          The carpet had scotchguard. What should I do differently?

                          Most stubborn stain for me has been the area where people always set their feet and the dog sits. (obvious when the couch is removed and a noticeable overuse area is visible). What is the best thing to do here? Kryptonite/Powerhouse/glide brush OR Dynamic Duo OR what?


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                            really dirty carpet cleaning

                            If the fiber floats and does not dissolve it is Olefin if it sinks it is polyester.

                            Protected carpet are cleaned the same. You are not allowed to used surfactants that contain cationics (positive electrical charge), you are not to use silicones, anti static products, sanitizers that contain Quats (MicroBan), or defoamers.

                            For in front of the sofa after you spray the Kryponite and Powerhouse, you can add one of three boosters (Dry Cleaner, O2 Plus, or Enhancer), agitate and then rinse. You can also post apply Clear Up to brighten area too.


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                              Hi. How have you been?
                              I ran into a carpet where the furnace vent blew soot onto the carpet. What do you think? I suspect it is carbon residue or rust but I don't know.