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  • Water Quality - Machines & Carpet

    From what I understand about water, is that when it is left to dry/evaporate from any type of surface it usually leaves behind a certain amount of mineral content such as calcium and lime deposits. The water is naturally hard in my area although I do have a soft water system for my house.

    I know that when running hard water through a cleaning machine it needs to be flushed out at the end of each day using a de-scaling solution to prevent mineral build up inside the machine and hoses.

    Question 1 - When cleaning carpets, will there be any long term effects from mineral deposits being left behind such as, discoloring, or other types of damage to the carpet fibers as a result from using hard water?

    Question 2 – Is it good or better for the carpet, and machine to use soft water?

    Question 3 – Is there an economical way of using distilled water because I think this would be the ultimate way to go.

    Any input on this subject would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    soft water

    If you rinse using a formulated rinse aid like Flush or Royal Flush then you do not have to descale your machine. When you use rinse aids, you do not run any cleaners in the machine rather you prespray the cleaner on the fabric and then rinse with the water and Flush.

    1. No long term affects have been noted on carpet by using hard water.
    2. It is better for the machine to use soft water and you would use half as much chemicals.
    3. We do sell portable reverse osmosis systems if you want to purify water on job sites starting for $3110

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