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Does agitation improve cleaning results?

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  • Does agitation improve cleaning results?

    Question: hi , i was looking rx-20 on 220volts and have a question to you.
    i saw many video clips on yourtube of rx-20 and they show great results of cleaning carpet
    please tell me as a proffessionl person , does rx-20 is really much better than the wand for cleaning dirty carpets
    i see the price 3300$ and if rx-20 is worth the money i will save some cash to buy it , but if really good tools over the wand using rx-20 with portable machine only

    Answer: Agitation and extraction work a lot better than just extraction by itself. You can easily double your cleaning results by adding agitation.
    Be sure to read the article about the "cleaning pie"

    There are four different ways to offer agitation to the cleaning process: Hand scrub the prespray into the carpet with a grandi groomer or carpet rake, power scrub the carpet with a machines (bonnet cleaning, brush cleaning), add more pressure, and use a power wand.
    Examples of power wands are located at
    Example of a grandi agitator
    Example of machine scrubbing: with a brush or Bonnet
    as well as horizontal scrubbing
    Ultra lightweight scrubbing

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    Powerwand VS Machine prescrub and rinse

    Question: thanks for email i check everything and its more clear.
    usually i clean the carpet first with brush rotary machine / the chemical s inside / and than i pass with extractor .
    the result is very good , its better than if you prespray it and extracted , but what do you think using this method or rx-20 with good extractor machine will achieve better result .
    does it make a sense to spend money for rx-20 or to keep my method rotary brush and extractor / 500 psi /
    this is the answer i am looking for.

    Answer: The results are the same visually. If you machine prescrub the carpet and then use a hot water extraction machine to rinse and compare the results to using a power wand they are the same. The difference is marketability. A power wand help with customer retention because not every carpet cleaning company has one. I also allows for additional marketing in advertising. Now because the power wands process more water through the carpet fibers on a microscopic level they are cleaner and machine scrubbing. But to the naked eye they look the same.

    Which method is faster? Prespray and power wand rinse VS prespray, machine scrub, and wand rinse? The three step process is faster than the two step method. I realize it does not make sense but it is true. The speed of both the agitation and the 500 psi rinse is very fast.

    Which method dries faster? Again the three step process dries faster too. There is considerable vacuum loss under the felt disk on a power wand. The exception to this is the Sapphire Scientific Hoss 700 that uses a bearing system.

    Which method uses the least amount of water? Again the three step process does.
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      Agitation helps in bringing the impurities to the surface which have penetrated deep inside in the carpet. So now these impurities can be removed easily. Agitation is used in methods like dry cleaning methods and is very effective in removing stains.
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        Agitation is a key element in the cleaning process. My opinion it is under estimated for the positive effect it has on the over all cleaning results
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