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Cleaned Berber that was not stretched properly

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  • Cleaned Berber that was not stretched properly

    I had a challenging day today. I cleaned a newer home that had small loop Berber carpet that was mildly soiled. We cleaned all second story rooms and hallways and when I was beginning to clean the stairs and at eye level with the hallway and bedroom. OHH... $#1+!! the carpet was buckling and waving like a tidal wave!!

    I had my helper get the drying fan and managed to get the carpet to dry flat. Took an extra 1.5 hr but managed to salvage the job from me having to pay for re-stretching. I did notify and explain to the customer of the situation. As my observation that the carpet had never been cleaned before. And the carpet was only laid, and tucked, never stretched. This has never happened to me before and did give me a scare.
    Anyone have any advice to this type of situation.

    HWE method was used. Carpet was not soaked or negligently over-wet.

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    Berber carpet problems

    The minimum installation standard required that a carpet installer follow are published by the Carpet and Rug Institute
    You can download a free copy at the bottom the web page at "How to Install Carpets Correctly"
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    I used to keep a copy with me in my file cabinet in my van and had a disclaimer on my invoice that stated if the carpet was not properly installed to industry minimum standards, then with rippling condition, as well as other problems might surface. The problem that further promoted this is more than likely the face fiber you where cleaning was polypropylene. This fiber offers the least amount of moisture absorbency so when you clean more water slips past the face fibers and ends up in the backing. We offer a 1.5 hour training session on explaining fiber characteristics in DVD II soil and advanced fiber cleaning
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    I also used to require customers to sign a waiver on polypropylene carpets carpets that if they did not purchase the one hour dry time service (with a 25% surcharge) their would be no warranty. This service included changing the jets to smaller spray jets, and using 6 air movers on the job site to blow dry it as it was cleaned. The carpet would be dried before I would leave the job site but at least I would get paid for it. (like you did for free) You can also promote faster drying by setting the customers AC to 68 degrees F with the blower motor ON (in the summer) turning on ceiling fans, post towel drying the carpet with spin carpet bonnets

    and adjusting your cleaning and rinsing stroke with your extractor.