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Encapsulation cleaning in 240 volts?

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  • Encapsulation cleaning in 240 volts?

    i am very interested in the hydro-force pro 17" & 20" to purchase.what is the difference between these 2 machines & the 45 you ship to Australia and can these machines be converted to 240 volt istead of 110 volt.with these 3 machines what is the latest model.if you can ship to Australia what would freight costs be on 1 machine and turn around time.i have been searching the web looking at this type of cleaning and it seems like a good concept.are you the parent company of masterblend as they have the same type of machine as the 45 you supply the encapsulation compound as well.
    awaiting you reply
    many thanks

    Answer: The same company that makes the HydroFoce 17 inch wide and 20 inch wide units also privet label it for MasterBlend. They are the same unit with different stickers.
    The difference between the 17" and the 20" is only the width of the cleaning path.
    My price list does not show anything in 230 or 240 volts so I have to make some inquires to this change in voltage.
    We do carry both the encapsulation carpet cleaning powder and liquid prespray.
    We are not the parent company to Masterblend rather we are a dealer for both Masterblend and HydroForce. When it comes time to purchase we get bids from each company and place the order by whom ever is the cheapest and or can fill the orders the fastest.

    To determine shipping we will need to know if you want door to door shipping or door to port shipping as well as ocean or air.

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    Encap prespray

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