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fast extraction for very diry carpet

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  • fast extraction for very diry carpet

    12" Titanium Style Carpet Cleaning Wand 4 jet 800 psi Teflon Glides or
    PMF: 15" Titanium Carpet Cleaning Wand with Teflon Glides
    what do you think about these wands do you think the Goliath can handle the 15” model or better off with the 12” do theses wand work well or are they all hype.

    Answer: I do know that the Goliath can handle and dry carpet nicely with 14" and 15" tools.
    The Sapphire Hoss 700 has five 3" wide slots (15" total) and it works perfectly.
    I would check my dry passes and dryness if I am over the normal 115 ft hose length (100 X 2" + 15 leader) but at 115 ft no problem at all. The 15" Titanium wand, in my option is the best traditional wand on the market. The nice thing you will find out once you move up to this type of wand is the speed really picks up. Here the other thing to note. If you are using the Goliath pump you will experience pressure drop off on the squeezed pressure. Even on the Pumptec 356U Water Otter the pressure will drop on the 'use' pressure because the number of jets. With six 01 jets the flow rate is 3 times the recommend pressure for the Goliath pump and 50% more than the Water Otter. This is not always a negative thing. What I mean is in the world of 'carpet flushing,' you can almost get the same results with higher gpm as high pressure. Let me give you an example. If you compare the cleaning results of high flow cleaning, like a dual jet wand with 08 jets at 75 psi and compare this to 400 psi with a dual wand using 01 jets, you will notice they both flush the carpet very nicely. Please watch the video at
    The procedure of prespray with an injection sprayer, agitate with a floor machine (my favorite
    Rinse with a wand. You will notice that the speed of the cleaning is ultra fast with this type of procedure. Many times customer view that the use of a power wand that incorporates the agitation and rinse together is faster than breaking it up in two steps and that is not the case. You can agitate 20" path at a time as fast as you can walk with the Pro 45 and rinse ultra fast with the 15" tool.


    Injection sprayers:

    High end wands