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    Comments: Dear Sir,
    I bought a 450 psi steam machine in my local area carpet supply store....
    I had the machine for 2 months, and when i turn the psi knob, it only goes up to 325 psi....can you tell me if I purchased a lemon? I only want to run 300 psi , not 450 , but am i losing performance here? Sometimes I like to run it at 375psi, and now i cant. I brought it back for an adjustment, and the guy said you dont want to run it higher than 300 psi... If I were to buy one of your machines , how would you handle this? Thanks , Tony C.

    All new equipment comes with a manufactures warranty. But hear in lies the problem.
    All extractor manufactures use PumpTec pumps on machines that are more than 150 psi.
    The pumptec warranty excludes rebuild kits:
    Valve Kit, bearing kit, plunger kit.
    The only thing that Pumptec warranties is the electric motor. Kits don't even have a 30 day warranty. Repair kit have no warranty. Pumptec warranties are like non warranties. Many times when a customer purchases a machine from the supplier, the customer feels they have a supplier warranty and that is not the case, you have a manufactures warranty and the supplier warranty is what ever the manufacture gives him/her. In this case, you do not have much recourse. Please make sure that any and all intake screens are rinsed off and blown out with an air compressor. I need to stress air compressor because I have proven to many customers that rinsing a screen with just water does not always solve their problem. If this does not work you will have to take the machine apart and install a valve kit and a plunger kit to solve your problem. Install a dime on the back side of the pressure regulator spring to see if the added push against the spring helps. Also lubercate the regulator plunger while you have the spring out.

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    Pump Tec

    I have know Jim and James personally for 9 years and have used all the pumps in our machines here in England. If you have a ninja that has a 500 psi Pumptec motor fitted it should have a Fasco motor fitted this motor has been Pumptec's most reliable motor yet. How ever we have only used this motor to get our pressure to 300 psi and that is what that was designed to do. If you you have got it to run over this then I feel that you are pushing the 1/3 hp motor a bit. But thinking about it they may have installed the Lesson motor which is a brush motor and is whit in cokour not black. But let me know which motor is fitted. It is possible to put a 500 psi stinger in a Ninja but you have to do some modifications the vacuum motors have to be mounted like mytees and the you have just enough room to put the big 500 psi stinger in. Pumptec warranty are good warranties I have only 5 motors fail in nine years that I felt should not have failed so quick. What did Pumptec do. Replace them under the warranty. There is so much misuse of carpet cleaning machines with operators not nowing how to use them correctly. Big mistake to make with a Pumptec pump (water mover) is to leave the pumping system primed up. When you have finished using your machine release the pressure
    from the pressure by-pass valve. You also need to know which seals the pump was fitted with as we have our seals to our specification to match the chemical we manufacture. When you change the plunger in the by-pass valve you should change the complete unit, if you opt to just changing the plunger it may not cure the problem as the brass wears and the plastic seat at the bottom also wears. So spend a few more dollars and do it correctly.
    Good luck