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I take the choke off on my truckmount and the engine dies

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  • I take the choke off on my truckmount and the engine dies

    Question: I own a single cylinder truckmount carpet cleaning machine with a top mounted fuel tank. The machine starts and runs and then when you take the choke off, the engine dies.

    You first have to make sure that you have done some items on a check list.
    The waste tank is empty.
    The waste tank filter is clean.
    the vacuum blower is correctly lubricated in all three location (front, middle, and rear)
    The engine has clean oil in it at the correct level.
    Make sure you are using machine on level ground.
    Clean and or replace the spark plug and air filter and fuel filter.
    You must use clean fresh gasoline. If the machine been siting for a while you might have gasoline varnish in the choke.
    Perform the above items and clean the carburetor.
    This will mess with your air to fuel ratio.
    After you have performed all the above items and it still does not run, you will need to disconnect the waste tanks wire and re-test.
    If it still will not run, and if the machine has a 20 psi incoming water pressure sensor, unplug this too.
    if it still will not run, change the carburetor.

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