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EDIC Vacuum loss after I changed my vacuum motors.

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  • EDIC Vacuum loss after I changed my vacuum motors.

    EDIC Vacuum loss after I changed my vacuum motors.

    No, it might sound different but the performance should be the same. In the world of vacuum motors amp draw is king. Typically vacuum motors that consume more electricity are stronger than those that use less power, regardless of their size and shape.

    Please check if the dump/drain valve leaks with the waste tank is full and the vacuum motors are turn off. It it leaks then it is sucking air backwards through the drain valve when the machine is turned on. We have repair kits for this.
    Clean the waste tank ball/float system to make sure that airflow is not restricted.
    Inspect all internal motor box vacuum hoses and hose clamps.
    To ensure you do not lose any air under the vacuum motors sometimes it is good to place one bead of silicone in a circle on both sides of the vacuum motor gasket.
    Do not over tighten the vacuum motor installation for this can damage the vacuum motor.
    On edic equipment it is very common that the vacuum loss happens on the top lid gasket near the hinge.
    Please note that the lid hinge is NOT slotted. This means that the lid can not pull down the lid evenly. This causes the font gasket to get squished and the hinged side to stay high.
    To fix, you need to remove the lid and slot the hinge in lid so it can ride up and down the slot.
    Please compare the thickness of the gasket on the front of the machine VS the hinged side of the machine to see if you have this problem.
    EDIC is aware of the issue for I have emailed them on this issue many many times and they continue to ignore it leaving it up to the dealers or customers to resolve on their own.

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