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Truck mounted carpet cleaning machine is hard to start

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  • Truck mounted carpet cleaning machine is hard to start

    Keep having black soot on tip of spark plug & I think that why I'm having trouble starting up.what can I do to fix this problem

    I purchased a spark plug cleaning machine and would keep multiple spark plugs in my service truck with the spark plug wrench. This way if I was at a job and it was hard to start my truckmount I would just change the plugs out with clean ones. Spark plugs do not really wear our rather they just get dirty.
    With small engines all you do is use synthetic oil in the crankcase, keep the all the filters clean (oil, fuel, air, waste tank vacuum).
    The synthetic oil use on the engine is huge on keeping the spark plugs clean too. I do not know why but you will end up with less oil in the cylinders with synthetic over traditional oil.
    I also find that you should only by trying to start truckmounts with the drain/dump valve open. Truckmounts should only have the drain valve closed with the machine on. This ensures