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Upgrading my 600 watt heater to 1000 watt heater

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  • Upgrading my 600 watt heater to 1000 watt heater

    Question: Hello, I am looking to have extra parts for my Sandia 50-4000. I believe my unit has a 600 watt heater Rod with two wire conection. (10-1500-B) but I am considering to upgrade to 1000w heater Rod. (Clean Storm SBME519F) Will this Rod work with my Sandia model?
    Also, I will be updating the suction motor from regular to super to increase my suction and reduce my dryness times.
    I noticed that my Sandia 50-4000 is in three sections.
    1) The top tank for dirty cleaning water.
    2) Middle section for clean water tank
    3) Lower section that holds all working machinery.
    Now for me to repair and install upgrades that I purchase from your business then how do I remove the middle section so I can expose the inside parts that will be needed to replace for upgrades? Looks like a hinged section in back of unit that has inside bolts but from front section there is nothing for me to loosen. So can you help me understand how to open mechanical area so I can upgrade?
    Thank you for your time and looking forward to doing business with you in future :-)

    Answer: They are the same size 1/2" OD diameter rods so it will fit.
    Please note that the more wattage means more power consumption and might trip breakers and burn up a wire or switch. Just because it fits does not mean it is OK to use it. In other words, let say you make the change and the machine catches on fire. Naturally we cannot be blamed for this. I can here it already, "I told SteamBrite what I was going to do and they told me it would work/fit." Get my point.
    I am also saying you might install it, test the amp draw, change the wires from 14 aw to 12 aw, add a power cord, change the switch or what ever else that might need to be done to ensure it is safe. Here I can make what ever a customer ask me to do. They say change it to a larger heater, no problem. But I also am extremely we versed in engineering.

    The top two halves are on a hinge and expose the bottom motor box for easy service.

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