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  • Goliath Float adjustment

    Question: Hey Donald. I used my Goliath last Friday and I was a little confused with the auto pump out. I ran it to the kitchen sink and down the garbage disposal like you suggested. I kept checking the tank in the machine to make sure I wasn't getting too many suds. When I was finished I pulled the hose out of the sink and it was completely dry. I stuck my finger inside of the hose and there was no water at all. I had the wasted pump on. Did I do something wrong? Does there have to be a certain amount of water in the tank before it starts pumping it out? Thanks in advance.

    Answer: Inside the Goliath waste tank has a float on on a shaft. As the float rises it turns on the auto pump out if the front panel switch it turned on and the unit is plugged in.
    The height of the float 'turn on' position is adjustable. There is a small rubber ban around the shaft that you can carefully adjust up or down the shaft. I personally like to lower the rubber band in a lower position. Please be careful to support the switch as you make an adjustment so you to do not break the switch. Please also make sure you filter the lint out of the water because all auto pump outs can only pump out filtered water. This lower position will minimize suds getting sucked into the vacuum motors.