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shurflo pump wants flexible hose used?

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  • shurflo pump wants flexible hose used?

    Question: On my last order I purchased a Shurflo 8000-543-236 12V 60psi 1.26gpm Viton/Santoprene Pump w/Demand Switch (aka 8009-543-236), and in the instructions it tells not to use rigid piping. Can you tell me why this is and is there really any good reason why I cannot use this type of pipe? It says only to use flexible tubing, why is this? Thanks!

    Answer: The feet are rubber and cause some movement and the head this plastic so it does not like the movement.
    They figure you are going to break the head of the pump. This is even true with the fittings that screw into the pump head.
    The factory prefers plastic fitting are used (no brass). Another issue is water pulsation. All pumps last longer if a 'pulse hose,' or 'pulsation dampener' is used. Flexible hose works to adsorb the water pounding inside of the head and make for longer life. The bottom line is they are trying to minimize cracked heads and short diaphragms life.