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How to clean clogged spray jets

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  • How to clean clogged spray jets

    Question: I purchased a typhoon hard surface tool and got it. I just tried the tool today to see if try it since i just got my hard surface pump deliverd(from another company). The tool does not work. its seems like its clogged or something. So I decided to connect my high psi wand and that works just fine. only the Typhoon seems to be defective. Can you help me or do I need to have you send another one?

    Answer: The most common reasons the spinner tools does not work, clogged jets, clogged filter, defective spinner swivel, QD obstruction. I am sure the jets and or filters are clogged. Most all tile cleaning wands have a filter located near the lever but I do not know if this model has one or not.
    During construction of the new pump, hoses and wand it is very common to have the jets clog at first use.
    Please remove the jets and un-clog with a rubber tipped air compressor, and blow the air backwards through the jets with the jets removed.
    Some customer like to soak jets in descaler but I never found that to work too well for me. Only after I have attempted to clean the jets with an air compressor, soaking them, and if they remain clogged. I gently touch the outside of the jet with a bench grinder wire wheel in the direction of the spray. As a last resort you can use an open paper staple. Be sure to not touch the side of the jet hole or you will ruin the jet! Yes, that is right, right down the middle of that tiny hole! Again all jet cleaning is done with the jets removed from the tool. After you clean jets and filter then you want to use the tool at 1000 psi or more. Some customers tell me they have used these types of tools at 500 psi and 800 psi but I do not see how it would achieve any results.
    If we change out the wand and it turns out that the jets where just clogged you will be responsible for two shipping charges for equipment maintenance is not a warrantable item. Shipping charges are only covered if the item was purchased less than 30 days ago. Without and invoice number I cannot look this up.
    Even if it turns out the swivel is the issue, this would be switched out and not the entire tool.

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