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Adding exhaust mount vacuum booster to current system

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  • Adding exhaust mount vacuum booster to current system

    Question: Great I'll be ordering this in the next 2 weeks - If you replace it with lower pressure copper tubing for better heat what psi can I go up to? Also I though about ordering an Air 23 from you but having it modified to 2 stage so I can keep the power requirements down. I have two Air Hog 7300-S (series) boosters - :

    - What would be the total watt pull of the Air 23 with 2 stage motors
    - Can I hook on motor to the exhaust port of each Air Hog 7300-S (they only have one exhaust port each)?
    - Would be the lift gain approximately
    - Since this would a 3rd motor in a series chain (each motor hooking to each Air Hog) would it negatively affect cfm - the Air Hog 7300-S has 2 3 stage motors in a series and gets a nice cfm gain also but I was told that 3 motors in a series is not so good for cfm - The cleancraft Eclipse is an example

    Asnwer: We have only taken copper up to 500 psi and it is not even rated for this so I never know how long it will last. Copper is only rated for us under 150 psi.
    An air 23 means dual 3 stage and air 22 means dual 2 stage vacuum motors.
    A dual 2 stage vacuum system usually pulls about 15 amps on one power cord.
    You can expect a 70% of lift of the 2nd in a vacuum series.
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    92.5 X 70% = 64.75" on second vacuum motor + 138 from the motor in front = 202" at sea level
    Open flow on the on the booster you have is rated for 112.9 + you get a 25% boost of the cfm on the motor behind it. (96.7 X.25 = 24.17 cfm)
    Add the 112.9 cfm (1st motor) + 24.17 (2nd motor) = 137.07 cfm on that one series.
    137.7 X 202" = 33,907 vacuum units
    X 2 systems side by side = 67,814 vacuum units.
    This is about the same vacuum units as a 36 blower but just under a 45 blower 85,905 vacuum units.
    Performance curves are listed at
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    Question: Thanks for the answers - So could I get away with running 300 psi on the copper hx? Also since the Air 22 would be a 3rd vacuum motor in the chain (just counting the air-22 as one big motor) when connected to the AH 7300-Series would this work ok? Also would the Air Hog 7300-S be limited to how much lift it can handle without it imploding?

    Answer: My mistake I was in-visioning the 7300 as parallel mounted vacuum because the vacuum booster you chose require the vacuum motors to be in parallel. The mytee air 23 and the air 22 will not work with this machine unless you "Y"ed the two vacuum motors together on the inbound side. You can run 300 psi on copper heat exchangers on most cases unless you air that is feeding the coils is contaminated. Example engine exhaust has a lot of chemicals coming out of the engine cylinders and stainless is required for longer live. If you are talking about a vacuum heat exchanger, copper is better. I am not aware of a vacuum limit for this extractor body.
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