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Truckmounted maintenance oil change intervals

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  • Truckmounted maintenance oil change intervals

    Question Truckmount maintenance oil changes: There are 3 things to change oil (ENGINE, BLOWER, WATER PUMP)
    1- Engine itself; uses 10w-30 confirm it is non-detergent synthetic oil?
    Confirm - Change engine oil first 50 hrs then every 200 hours
    2- Blower; Confirm - uses 75w-140 full synthetic oil.
    What is Gear grease oil - what is gear oil? Are they two different oil types if so what are the types?
    Confirm – change blower oil first 50 hrs then every 200 hrs (manual says first 100 hrs then every 1000 hours)
    3- Water pump; uses SAE30 Confirm - non-detergent oil?
    Confirm – change water pump oil every 200 hrs not at first 50 hrs then every 200 hrs
    4- Blower has filter but WHERE?
    5- Blower grease to be made with grease gun every 200 hours through the two nipples on top?
    6- Blower crank case gear oil where is it put in?
    7- It mentions water pump filter – where is it?

    1. 10w-30 Synthetic Oil, like used in a car engine.
    2. Visit
    This is like the gear oil that is used in a car differential. Usually only filled about 1.5" from the bottom of the crank case. Change after 100 hours and then every 500 hours or once a year. You can go 1000 hours if needed. This is a non combustion environment so it will last a while.
    3. Use a SAE30 wt non detergent, non foaming oil. Change at 50 hours and then every 100 to 200 hours. (most people to the 100 hours) Please note you will see metal flakes in the oil during the change, this is normal. Similar to
    4. The blower has a filter in the vacuum waste tank. Usually needs to be removed and rinsed off with water once a week and re-installed. It will look like
    5. Yes use a grease gun with synthetic grease. Remove excess that will come out the bottom of the blower vacuum pump.
    6. Drain on lower port, fill from top breather port until grease comes out the lower site port (with plug removed)
    7. The water pump does not have a filter inside of it rather a filter on the machine. Usually they will look like
    but are not on all machines
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