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Truck mount will not stay running when we turn on the pump clutch

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  • Truck mount will not stay running when we turn on the pump clutch

    Question/ Problem: Truck mount will not stay running when we turn on the pump clutch.
    Right now the main problem we are having is;
    When we start the machine as usual,
    Water hooked up and - ON
    #3 Ball Valve – OPEN
    #4 Ball Valve – CLOSE
    Water Pump Clutch – OFF
    Choke – ON
    We turn the ignition – ON
    ENGINE STARTS but when we flip the water pump switch ON (UP)
    THE ENGINE DIES. After 5-6 or 7 attempt then it catches ON.

    After the engine starts when we flip the water pump switch the engine shuts off.
    After 10-15 minutes try over and over again about 6 or 7 try then it catches the water pump switch and Works.

    Another issue is;
    It takes long time to have hot solution spraying through the wand that is another issue.

    Answer/ testing: The machine must maintain over 225 psi or the machine will die because it thinks it our out of water or the waste tank is full or it is out of oil
    Make sure the waste tank is empty and the engine as the correct level of oil in it.
    If you machine has a stainless steel momentary switch on the panel, this is to override the 215 psi pump sensor. The sensor is designed to protect the pump in the event you are not supplying it with inbound water pressure. If you have a transfer pump you should not use the transfer pump and hook up to a garden hose direct to ensure the transfer pump is not the problem during your testing.
    One of the ball valves that feeds to the waste tank is open that needs to be closed or one of the jets has been left off or you height temperature solenoid is stuck open (also feeds to waste tank).
    Remove the lid off the waste tank and see how much water is flowing into the waste tank with the machine both on and off.
    In either case it should only be a very small amount of water. I am thinking you have a ball valve that is open that should be closed and this is making the machine not build pressure. This in turn makes it think it is out of water. The water pressure sensor is hooked to the oil pressure switch so it makes the engine think it is out of oil and turns off.
    The water flow rate into the waste tank is too high and this in turn is keeping the water cold. By controlling the flow of water into the tank the water temperature will come back up.