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4 gpm misting system pump

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  • 4 gpm misting system pump

    Question: I am looking for a pump to use for a misting system actually and several you carry seem close. Do you have something in 150 to 300 psi but with 3 to 4 gpm flow rate? Everything I have found is 1.3 gpm. Thanks.

    Answer: Are you OK with 230-240 volts? or maybe two 120 vol power cords plugged into different breakers?
    The reason you are only finding up to 2 gpm is the amp draw on the power cord.
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    The pump recommends a 5 hp motor but we should be able to run with a 3 hp because of the low pressure.
    The 2 HP electric motor is a 20 amp 120 volt motor but this 4 gpm with 300 psi would be pushing this to the limit.
    When you push electric motors at the limit, they will not last a very long time while if they run easily, they can run for years.
    You can plug 230 volt pressure washers into 120 volt outlets with an inverter.