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  • Leaking carpet cleaning QD's

    Question: one of the female stainless steel connectors leaks pretty badly. I replaced it with an old brass one and the leak stopped and this confirmed it was the female disconnect. So, I will need a replacement for one: Please clarify the warranty.

    Answer: If they leak, they usually just need new O rings.
    The Orings will tear or nick if they do not have lubrication on the male nipple or if the nipple has damage on it.
    Just use a dental pick to change out.
    The leak that this fixes is the leak that happens when the male is inserted together with the female. (not warrantable)

    Now if the leak is from the back wall nipple, that can be caused by a chunk on minerals lodging behind the nipple. (sometimes caused by descalling or just breaking loose -not warrantable) or extreme heat and the Oring on the nipple rolls off center (30 day warranty)

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