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Clean Storm SteamBrite TruckMount Ball Valve operation.

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  • Clean Storm SteamBrite TruckMount Ball Valve operation.

    Usually water flow ball valves are mounted on left side of console. You need to remove the waste tank like to inspect how each hose hooks to the waste tank and what its function is.
    Once you set this up the first time, you will not need to open or remove the waste tank lid.

    One ball valve leads to the waste tank to an open port (no spray jet). This is to be left open (parallel) once you park the machine (machine is off) to make sure that no heat from the heat exchanger travels into the pump while the truckmount is parked. Please note that this ball valve must be closed (perpendicular) or the machine will not run or even start because the machine will not have the ability to build pressure with it open.

    One ball valve needs to be partially open and leads to a small jet in the waste tank (01 orifice). This ball valve controls the 'water in motion spray'. This needs to stay open all the time but does not have to be fully open (small spray). The idea is that only a small amount of water needs to spray into the waste tank all the time so the thermostat reads the correct water temperature and the pump head and pressure regulator stays cool. Please clean the filter located behind this jet weekly. The only time I would consider closing this is if I was dual wanding (two cleaning tools) running at the same time.

    One ball valve leads to a solenoid valve mounted on the waste tank. This solenoid opens when the water in the heat exchanger is hotter than the dial thermostat mounted on the face plate of the machine. This ball valve should be left open all the time. It only has a ball valve installed on this hose encase the solenoid valve where ever to get stuck open. The stuck open problem only happens to customers that never descale there machine. It it builds up too much mineral deposits it could be stuck open and not allow the machine to get hot. This ball valve lets you turn off the water to the solenoid so your heat exchanger will heat up the water and you can finish the job. Then when you get back to the shop, you can descale your machine and service the solenoid valve. Must customers set the temperature dial to 235 degrees F.
    The solenoid valve looks like
    Granzow Solenoid Valve 12 Volts 360 degree 1450 Psi, 21AN2K0T12XC, Repair Parts, Parts & Accessories,  Granzow Series 21A Solenoid Valve used to control truckmount water temeratures. 2 way, direct acting, normally closed solenoid valve 1 4 Fip...

    The thermostat dial looks like
    General Pump 100538 Dial Thermostat 86 - 250 Degrees F. 781999 Temperature Switch, 100538, Miscellaneous Repair Parts, Parts & Accessories, by General Pump,  General Pump 100538 Dial Thermostat 86 - 250 Degrees F.  Panel Mounted, dual sca...

    The last hose that travels to the waste tank is a hose that comes from returning water from the pressure regulator. This is a sensor that is always reading the water temperature that is leaving the pressure regulator and it traveling back into the head of the pump. The sensor is looks like this
    JE Adams Thermal Relief Valve 3 8 Mpt X 1 8 Female Pip Brass with Viton Oring 140 degrees, 7585, Pressure Washer Fittings, Pressure Washer Accessories, Equipment Hard Surface Supplies, by J.E. ADAMS, Thermal Relief Valve - 3 8 MPT x 1 8 NPSF, 140 F &nb...

    If you set the cleaning wand down for an extended time, the returning water from the regulator can become very hot. This will discharge water over 140 degrees back to the waste tank. This will extend the life of your pump and regulator seals.

    Trouble shooting: If your water is not getting hot enough, you can use small jets on your cleaning tool. The smaller the gasoline engine, the engine will produce less btu of heat and you will need to use smaller jets. For example 13 to 16 hp truckmounts should have 01 jets installed on 2 jet wands. Larger 20 to 25 hp engines can use dual 1.5 jets. Larger 30 and 40 Hp truckmounts can use dual 02 jets on the wand.
    Descaling the machine regularly is important or consider using soft water.
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