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Mytee 8070 is not hot enough

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  • Mytee 8070 is not hot enough

    Question: Craig Hi, purchased the Mytee 8070 Auto Detail Upholstery Carpet Cleaning Extractor 120psi 3gal 3stg heated vac hose set detail tool, Order #2005395 on 07 Aug 13,
    And we have only used it three times now and it failed to heat after 20 min of use each time. starts out hot enough to burn you at the brass fitting and then Not so much. very dissatisfied

    Answer: Sorry about your problem.
    Are you only having a problem with the heater?
    I would like to make sure you are using the machine correctly.
    Please note that electric machine are only designed to boost hot water and not heat cold water. In other words you have to fill the machine only with hot water.
    This machine is a 20 amp machine machine. This means that with only 20 amps of power available, it is divided up between vacuum, pump pressure and boosting the water temperature. Amp draw is king. This means if you want a stronger machine you have to use more electricity. Many auto detail machines take 30 amps, 40 amps, 50 amps. Naturally with the laws of physics a 40 amp machine will be twice as aggressive than that of a 20 amp machine. Please note that the heater on this model is under the hood and does not heat the water in the fresh tank. If you do not have a hot water in your building to fill this machine with, please consider using a bucket heater.
    Each bucket heater uses about 8 amps of power so you can run 2 on a 20 amp breaker. Please do not place bucket heater inside the fresh water tank you will brake both the bucket heater and Mytee 8070 water pump at the exact same time. Do not place water hotter than 140 degrees F in the fresh tank as this ruins the seals on the water pump. When you use a bucket heater and pre-heat the water in the bucket you also need to use a food thermometer to confirm the water temperature before you place in the machine. The heater on the Mytee 8070 is designed to boost the water temperature 25 degree up and above what ever you pour in the fresh tank. In other words, if you use 140 degree F water in the tank the machine will clean at 165 degree F. If you place 65 degree cold water in the machine, the machine will only clean at 90 degrees F. 90 will feel barely warm and will give the impression that the machine is not working correctly. As another option you can use additional in-line heaters to boost the water temperature even farther. Please look at the Clean Storm Volcano 1750 watt heater
    Or if you have a 20 amp breaker available you can purchase a 2000 watt heater.
    These will provide an extra 50 degree rise up and above what ever you have coming out of the Mytee 8070.

    Example of 30 amp auto detailer

    Example 40 amp machine

    Example of 50 amp extractor
    This is a dual wand machine so two people and detail two cars at the same time.
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