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Cleaning DriStorm Dehumidifier filters

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  • Cleaning DriStorm Dehumidifier filters

    Cleaning DriStorm Dehumidifier filters.
    I have never broken any. I clean them in the front grill by removing the grill and filter > hold the filter housing and filter with the housing down and the filter up horizontal >use and air compressor and spray from back to front > rinse with garden hose from back to front > re-use compressed air from back to front to blow out all water. I have never had to replace any filters from our rental pool.
    DriStorm HAF Filter for Dehumidifiers Sold Each Needs 2 per machine , 20131303, , by Clean Storm,  DriStorm HAF Filter for Dehumidifiers Sold Each 2 per machine needed.

    This of course ignores the manufactures recommendation that you replace filters every third cleaning.
    These are electrostatic filters. After a time they will loose their charge and their efficiency.
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