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While the Hydramaster pto 4.8 unit work with a Knuckle valve?

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  • While the Hydramaster pto 4.8 unit work with a Knuckle valve?

    Question: Tried to set up an account as your company said I could ask a question about your products there. I could not as it said I am a spammer!! All I want to know is if the knuckle relief valve would work well on a 4.8 hydramaster p.t.o unit. Just looking to boost vacuum but do not want to burn belts if that is the case.

    Answer: I do not understand the spam issue and I am sorry for that. The Pentair Truckmount Knuckle Vacuum Relief Air Valve can be installed on any truckmount but it will make the engine and belts work harder. I doubt that it will burn up belts but the real answer to the question is when you hold your hand over the vacuum hose, does your engine rpm slow and bog down? If so you do not want to consider this option. If you place your hand over the end of the hose and the vacuum goes to 14 and the engine does not slow down, then yes, you can install this option.
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    You also have to plan how you want to install it. You could either install it direct on the side wall of the waste tank or mount it on a "Tee" fitting between the vacuum pump and the waste tank.