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help wiring my garage for 220v to 240 volt equipment.

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  • help wiring my garage for 220v to 240 volt equipment.

    Question: Hello, I'm hoping you can help me. I've recently purchased two new pieces of 220v woodworking equipment (yahoo!) only to learn that rewiring my old garage to supply outlets for them is far too expensive (d'oh!). In my garage I have a single 110v outlet and a dryer outlet, both of these outlets are on the opposite wall from my equipment, about 20'. I need to find a way to power my equipment, and I am open to any kind of configuration, so long as it is safe and cost effective, if that means my equipment must share a single step-up converter or even all share the dryer outlet with some kind of extension cords setup, that's fine, I just need to get back to working in my shop.
    My equipment specs are as follows:
    Bandsaw - 3 horse power, 230v, single phase, 12 amps and has a cord with a plug that has a round ground and two horizontal prongs. If I need to change out this cord I will need to order the new cord as well.
    Jointer - 2 horse power, 230v, single phase, 15 amps and came from Canada with no power cord, so I will definitely need that.
    Please, tell me you can help me without costing more than installing the 220v outlets?

    I think this is what the first item needs.
    Please visit
    Using the above item you will have to acquire a second 120 volt outlet. I am hopping you have an attached garage and not a detached garage to pull from the other side of the home wall.

    The second Jointer I was thinking of you using
    You need to tell me what style dryer outlet you have.
    NEMA 10-30R (3 wire), 14-30R (4 wire)
    Jointer might need 4 wires in case you can round a ground wire from the unit to a ground pin.
    in other words, you take a wire from the ground pin of this replacement male plug and carry it to the ground terminal on the jointer