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    Question: Hi i would like to know if you have the warranty info on my hornet 30\47 truckmount, i talked to Ben on the phone but would like to get it in writing
    Our warranty is posted at

    If you purchase a machine manufactured by a different factory, example Amtex truckmounts, the warranty is with that factory. That factory reserves the right to veto any warranty details. Ben is hard to deal with because his is busy manufacturing and he does not have a customer service department. If you have an issue I always suggest you email him a written record of what is going on. Be sure to include your model number, address, purchase date, phone number and any and all test you have run to try to resolve your issue. This is true with all warranties through our company too. That is why on the bottom of this email you will see the statement that warranty issued are handled by email only. You have to realize that we have over 60,000 customers world wide and it is impossible to keep track of phone conversations if it is not in writing.

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