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Using a portable generator inside a home.

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  • Using a portable generator inside a home.

    Question: Hello, Donald I have a 125/250 volt male adapter 30 amp chord hooked up to a portable heated air drying system i am currently using a 6000 watt generator to power the unit and the generator is loud. I would like to plug into a joiner box to allow 115 volt outlet inside homes and the unit is hard wired in panel ,panel has 2- 30 amp fuses chord runs to generator 125/250 ,i was looking at your power joiner and it would be great to run two 120 or 115 volt chords to standard outlets for powering this unit ,can you please let me know if i can do this.i will send you pics and anything you need as far as specs thank you

    Answer: Usually 6000 to 9000 watt generators will have a L14-30 receptacle on the generator. Usually a home will have some type of electric clothes dryer plug or some other type of plug on a wall. As long as you turn OFF the main breaker to prevent electricity from the grid from going to your home, you can run a cord from the L14-30 to your dryer wall receptacle. Once you will then be able to use all the power outlets in your home as usual. Please note that you need to plug in the cord before you start the generator for the male pins on the cord will expose you to being shocked. Please note that when using a generator you need to ground it to the ground with a grounding stake or run a wire from the ground screw to the ground pin on a wall outlet on the building.
    Option two. You want to purchase a converter box like
    join with some cable
    220 Volt 50 ft 10-3 Extension Cord, F193, Electrical Adaptor, Parts & Accessories, by Steambrite MFG, 50 ft 220 volt electrical power extension cord has 3 prong 30 amp male and female end, made with 10-3 strained wire and outdoor rated jacket.&nbsp...

    Install a generator plug
    Shazaam Generator to drier converter adapter, L1430P1030R, Electrical Adaptor, Parts & Accessories, by Shazaam, This converter adapts power from your generator L14-30R to standard 3 wire dryer  receptacle . Includes a male L14-30P plug head - ...

    or have something custom made for you.

    I am sorry but I an not sure I completely understood your goal.