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Truckmount solenoid valve getting stuck

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  • Truckmount solenoid valve getting stuck

    Question: Hi, I bought a granzow solenoid from you guys on Feb 14th (last month) and just got it put on and I'm having a problem with it. Just wondered if it is defective or not. It functions properly at low pressure but when I turn the pressure up to 700 psi, the water just blows through it as if it is open. Then after that happens, I have to touch the posts together on the switch gauge and then un-touch them to get it to stop letting water pass. Any Ideas?

    These really do not break rather they get dirty with minerals. The functioning of the gate opening and closing still is working but getting stuck open and also sounds like it is not closing all the way. You should descale your equipment and clean and descale the solenoid valve too. You might try using a formulated rinse aid in your rinse water as this too will improve cleaning while keeping your equipment clean on the inside.
    Formulated rinse aid
    You can also add a filter before the solenoid to help keep trash out.

    Customer wrote: Actually, I had not noticed the tiny directional arrow on the brass part of the valve. The problem was that I had installed it backwards. It works perfect now, thanks.

    Answer: Sorry, I did not even think of that as a possible problem.
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