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Flow control disc installation for Avenger 210 Truckmount

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  • Flow control disc installation for Avenger 210 Truckmount

    Question: I have a real problem, i replaced some of the cracked brass fittings on the avenger 210 truckmount, after changing the fittings i found 2 small metal discs under the machine in the area that i replaced the fittings in, one has a tiny hole in the middle and the other is thicker and has a larger hole in the middle but i have no idea where they go, i am assuming that they are from the water system on the machine but where they go i have no idea, i really need a water flow diagram or help finding out where they go.
    Please Help the temperature guage i will order as soon as i can but i fear that without these two metal discs in the water system the machine wont work properly
    Thanks Danny

    Answer: No such diagram exists any longer (at least not here).
    One disc would be recirculating water back from the heat exchanger back into the fresh water mix box and the second would be off of the solenoid over heat system near the waste tank.
    I am sorry but cannot tell you more than this.

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