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electromagnetic solenoid water valves

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  • electromagnetic solenoid water valves

    Question: I have an old Bates D-84 Big Red truck mount. It has two electromagnetic solenoid water valves. They have no name on them. I checked with a local supplier who did not have them but said they found them on your web site. I looked and couldn't find any. Is it possible I take a picture of it and send it to you?

    Answer: Are they 1/4" pipe, 3/8" pipe, or 1/2" pipe connections?
    The most common is 1/4" pipe?
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    I can get what ever size you need.

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    Solenoid heat control for truckmount use

    Question: Hi Donald,
    Thanks for your reply. I watched the video about installing the electromagnetic solenoid water valve and Murphy switch. The Bates machine has two solenoids. One dumps hot cleaning solution (The cleaning solution runs through the engine block and a holding tank) to control the temperature keep the engine from over heating if you aren't using enough. It's set at 190 degrees. Some times the temperature can reach 210 degrees if the solenoid fails to actuate. At that temperature the Murphy switch shuts down the motor.
    The other solenoid controls fresh water intake and is actuated by a float valve in the holding tank. Both are 1/2 inch. Both stick from time to time. I'm having a problem with the fresh water solenoid not stopping the fresh water intake which causes hot cleaning solution to run out the overflow. It sounds like your solenoid will work for both. What is the price and how do I place an order?

    Please visit

    We also sell a 3/8" version at
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    you can place an order on line or on the phone or on our fax at 210-654-3904
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