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  • CFR water filter ratings

    Question: Since the same recovered dirty water is used to clean carpets on a CFR (continuous flow Re-circulation) extractor, what are the filter mesh rating on the water filters?

    Answer: Main Filter 7224C covering the two mushroom filters is a 55 micron filter. (Cascade and Pro Series)
    Pump Protection Filter 71495A would be 304 microns.
    Pump Protection Filter on New ECO500 72140A would be 139 microns.

    Mess rating and Micron do not mean the same thing.
    Example 53 micron = 270 US Mesh or .0021 inches
    297 Micron = 50 Us Mesh or .0117
    149 micron = 100 us mesh or .0059 inches
    The smallest/finest filtering with CFR is 304 Microns that is just over 50 US mesh.

    Please note that after each job you will need to go through the machine and clean all the filter on the machine and the wand.
    Note on the link below an extra transfer pump is used to move the water in the loop. In the link below the water travels through 3 pumps before it goes back out and hits the carpet.
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    In the pressure washing world, re-circulation equipment usually will filter to either 50 mesh, 20 mesh, or 5 mesh.
    Since standard filters only remove the dirt the cleaners are used over and over again.

    The smaller the more complete the filter packages are the more pump pressure is going to be needed to push the water through all the filters.

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